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Performance in initiating and delivering research

The Government wishes to see a dramatic and sustained improvement in the performance of providers of NHS services in initiating and delivering clinical research.  The aim is to increase the number of patients who have the opportunity to participate in research and to enhance the nation’s attractiveness as a host for research.

For clinical trials, the National Institute of Health Research  (NIHR) will publish outcomes against agreed benchmarks, including an initial benchmark of 70 days or less from the time a provider of NHS services receives a valid research application* to the time when that provider recruits the first patient for that study.

In future, NIHR funding to providers of NHS services will become conditional on meeting benchmarks, including the 70-day benchmark to recruit first patients for trials.

We have to provide data on our Performance in Initiating Clinical Research and in the Performance in Delivering Clinical Research to the NIHR Central Commissioning Facility on a quarterly basis.

To review this information for the previous five submitted quarters please visit the Clinical Trial Performance Submission Platform.

For historical reports please contact the LCH Research Team at

  • The following information helps to explain what clinical outcome measures are used within our organisation:

    Symbol showing good quality care provisionClinical outcomes are measurable changes in a person’s health or quality of life that result from our care.

    Symbol to show that healthcare professionals and service user are happy with their careOutcomes show both of us (clinician and person), you’re getting the most out of your care.

    Symbol showing man with thumbs up approvalOutcomes focus on quality of life, which are discussed together, and the improvement is what is important to you.

    Outcomes could be related to your mental health.Symbol of person's head to show importance of mental health

    Symbol to show exercise and healthy eating promote good physical healthOutcomes could be related to your physical health.

    Outcomes could be related to self-care.Symbols to show elements of self care such as personal hygiene and healthy eating

    Symbol to show service users in daily life, for example getting a bus and going shopping

    Outcomes could be related to daily living skills / getting out and about socially.

    Symbol showing man with thumbs up approval

    We use Outcomes to make sure we are making progress on what matters to you.

    Symbol showing healthcare professional explaining care plan to service userWe use Outcomes to help make decisions/plans about your care.

    Symbol showing a tick and a cross for yes or no

    We want to measure the evidence is working.

    Outcome measures help us make our care better.Symbol showing healthcare professional making care better

    Outcome measures help us have conversations about what we can achieve.Symbol showing healthcare professional and service user having a conversation

    We get information about Outcomes in different ways:Symbol of man asking for more information

    Symbol to show healthcare professional listening to service user…by listening to the things you tell us at appointments.

    Symbol of nurse and service user sat at a table with nurse asking questions…by asking you the same questions throughout your care.

    Symbol showing woman planning her weekly tasks…by asking you to do tasks.

    Symbol showing service users undertaking their own clinical readings such as taking blood pressure reading, height and weight…by asking you to do clinical tasks.


For all team members please contact:

8.00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday 


A valid research application means that a complete document set, including a statement of activities and schedule of events, has been received by the NHS provider. This proceeds Health Research Authority and Ethics approval. Some studies will require  other agency review such as MHRA approval. NHS providers have to undertake a local ‘capability and capacity’ assessment following regulatory approvals and prior to the delivery of research activity.  

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